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In his opening address Air Chief Marshal Sir Malcolm Pledger, the Chief of Defence Logistics, said how pleased he was to host the event, and congratulated the award winners on their achievements. He also stressed the important role the department’s craftsmen and women and technical officers play in keeping the equipment our armed forces use fit for the role they perform. This year 248 apprentices completed their training and I’m pleased to report our completion rate stands at 90 per cent, which compares very well against industry figures in total.

We recruited 105 craft, 30 technician and 25 adults this year a total of 160 at various UK establishments. This is a considerable investment and demonstrates our continued commitment to ensuring we will be able to continue to provide the appropriate technical support to our armed forces. View More: Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

Skills training is a long term venture, not something that can just be turned on and off. The challenge lies in identifying the skills that we in MOD are going to need for the future. That’s why the training in those organisations directly responsible for equipment support starts with basic hand skills that provide the foundation on which solid engineering knowledge can be based. You can be justly proud of the results you have achieved, and they reflect great credit not just on yourselves but also on those who have taught you and the parents, family and friends who have supported you.

With her line manager’s approval she applied, was accepted and began arranging events to raise the £1,100 she needed to secure her place. I did this by holding book and card sales, a seventies disco and sponsorship for running a half marathon. Each project set by the charity is different and some have more than one team working on them for their duration. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on your behalf, and they are entitled, if I may say so, to feel very proud of the young men and women we honour today.