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The single programme is a central, agency wide budget. It gives the LDA a flexible source of funding that can be allocated to proactive new initiatives, working in specific geographical and industry sectors. This means that the LDA is even better equipped to target different aspects of economic development and regeneration and focus resources to address London’s changing needs and priorities. The LDA has an ongoing commitment to the inherited programmes, in particular those that come within the Single Regeneration Budget. which represent a substantial financial commitment in future years. These programmes are still central to many of its core targets, such as creating learning opportunities, jobs and remediation of brownfield sites.

It will continue to manage these inherited programmes until they are complete, and will continue to work with partners to ensure that these programmes contribute to the achievement of the Mayor’s priorities. In consultation with partners, the LDA has developed a Commissioning Framework. The Framework outlines how the Agency works with partners to identify economic development needs and opportunities, and leads the planning, procurement and delivery of effective projects in support of its priorities. Read more : Enact Conveyancing Melbourne – Citrus Restaurant

For example, in order to understand local needs and opportunities in the Agency’s priority areas, it has established partnerships with local authorities. In its work to support the production industries, the LDA has established a business-led Production Industries Commission as a forum for debate and advocacy. During the strategy and planning stage, the LDA works with key partners to develop an Investment Plan. This makes the case for intervention in the context of market-driven change, existing LDA activities and the actions and intentions of other partners. The Plan indicates the scale and form of the LDA’s investments and activities and outlines how they will be achieved.

In many cases, the LDA is required to work with the relevant statutory or publicly-funded agency to deliver its regeneration and economic development plans. However, the LDA has a commitment to work with the widest possible range of private, public, voluntary and community sector partners who have the capacity to deliver its priorities. Moreover, the LDA is itself committing resources to this ‘supply chain development’, for example through its support for the voluntary and community sector and for minority-led partners. Where there are alternative providers, the LDA will undertake an open and competitive procurement process. The aim is to ensure that current and potential partners have an equal chance to partner with the LDA.